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Vaugimois at Fontenay Abbey

From the cottagetake the GR 213A to continue towards Touillon,

 on arriving at the village, it's the end of the plateau.


You go down the combe to follow a very beautiful valley.

To see the springs and the dovecote along the river.


Always go up the GR to reach another valley, that of Fontenay Abbey.


You arrive at this great place  de Fontenay;

second daughter of Clairvaux started in 1118, abbey listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


After visiting the abbey, continue the GR towards Montbard, town of the lords of Montbard (remains of the castle).

THEGR 213 Acontinues to Montbard, the distance is 6.5 KM from the abbey to the station. 

The maternal grandparents of Saint Bernard were lords of Montbard; his mother Aleth lived  on these lands.

Montbard, campsite, restaurants, hotels and train station


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