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Chatillon sur Seine

City full of history

Châtillon sur Seine deserves to stay there for two daysso  to visit this place which was shared by:

- The bishops of Langres.

- The Dukes of Burgundy.

- The Abbot  of Notre Dame Abbey.

The museum:

It is located in an abbey of canons built according to the "Bernardine" plan.  


The church of Saint Vorles from the 10th and 11th centuries:

in it took place  the miracle of lactation. In the adjoining cloister,  Saint Bernard studied under the guidance of the canons.


Saint Bernard School:

Built by the community of Feuillants (Reformed Cistercians) on the site of the family home where Saint Bernard  lived.

Arrival of the relics  of Saint Bernard in Châtillon sur Seine

Document "in the footsteps of Saint Bernard in Châtillon", produced by Dominique Masson

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