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Cunfin in Chatillon Sur Seine

The path leaves in front of the church where there are stained glass windows of Saint Bernard.

You take a path that goes up  marked in white and blue,  in the direction of the Beaumont farm. (MH)

This private property is composed among other things of a very well restored Cistercian barn which was used for the abbey and was held by lay brothers.

Above the barn at the Calvary, take the path towards  Riel les Eaux,  indicated by the "Saint Bernard" trail logo. 

Relics of the Saint can be found at the Saint Bernard church in the village.

(2 km body of water with  bar restaurant, camping and swimming).

Then follow the "SB" logo in the direction of "Belan Sur Ource".

( 15th century church, 19th century castle)

Arrived in the village of Belan take the path marked in yellow for several kilometers to the Saint Bernard logo and follow it  up to GR 2. 

The GR 2   will take you past Massingy.

In the village vine and wine museum and  vineyard of Notre Dame Abbey, can be visited by the owner.

The trail ends at Châtillon Sur Seine:Saint Vorles church (11th century, lactation miracle, MH) , former convent of the Feuillants "reformed Cistercians" (paternal home of Saint Bernard).

Gîte, hotels, campsite, restaurants, museum in the former abbey of Notre Dame.

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