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You can go from Bar sur Aube to the Abbey of Clairvaux by the GR 145,  the distance is 15km 500 (from the station).

The abbey was created in 1115 by Saint Bernard who became its first abbot.

 The buildings have been modified through the 12th, 18th Century (Historic Monument).

The trail starts from the Abbey and  follows the GR 703 "sentier  Jeanne d'Arc" to Cunfin.

The trail is 20.5 KM through the forest.

 After admiring the abbey, you will see  the Saint Bernard source and you can enjoy the tranquility of the forests where our Saint  was inspired to write.​

The communal lodging of Cunfin can accommodate 10 people in autonomy.


Cunfin is known as a Saint Bernard stop between Molesme and Clairvaux; he performed two miracles there and preached under an oak tree next to the chapel of Saint Anne.


Capture d’écran Clairvaux Cunfin.png
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