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Chatillon Sur Seine in Vaugimois




The path leaves from Châtillon by takingalways 

 the GR 2, it crosses  the village of Ampilly le Sec, then passes above Chamesson; from there take the GR 213 A.

You will then pass through Coulmier-le-Sec where (off the trail; Saint Germain church MH;  la Fosse, vast enigmatic basin, MH;  a so-called house of the Templars, MH). Gite and bed and breakfast.

In Coulmier, leave the GR  to follow the direction of Wells through the village(MH castle), follow the path to the right of the departmental road and continue it just before the village of Puits,  cross the road to follow the path opposite  and continue it until the GR 213

Follow after the GR to Vaugimois

It is a calm and charming village;  Saint Marguerite Chapel (MH).

Very well equipped cottage.

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